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Tactile indicator plates are a system of textured ground surface indicators commonly used at pedestrian ramps, stairs, crossing platforms, and sidewalks.

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Safety Step Canada specializes in the supply of Tactile indicator plates, which are a system of textured ground surface indicators commonly used at:

  • pedestrian ramps
  • stairs,
  • crossing platforms
  • sidewalks
  • and other waiting areas to help people who are visually impaired effectively navigate the surrounding environment

Whatever the specifications of your project, we have all of the tactile indicator variations you need, and with the options of either:

1. PU Tactile (flexible)

The PU Tactile is a relatively new and unique concept in Canada. It has been developed to overcome the excessive costs of installing traditional ceramic tiles, which often require demolishing or reconstructing the floor. These PU Tactile tiles can be easily installed on any type of existing surface in no time using a regular construction adhesive designed for your application, wood, concrete, steel, etc…

Safety Step Canada’s PU Tactile Ground Surface Indicators are manufactured in a standard tile size of 300mm x 300mm with a square edge to ensure tight joints with minimal gaps.

2. Rigid and Cast in Place tactile indicators

Safety Step Canada’s superior quality, heavy duty fiberglass polymer composite tactile indicator tiles and panels are UV stable with homogeneous color throughout the entire panel.

Our panels contain premium quality long strand fiberglass in the base material. During the sheet molding process the fiberglass is blended into the base material during the mixing process and evenly disbursed throughout the entire body of the panel and into the truncated domes we all recognize. This is a critical feature because the truncated domes are the primary point of contact to us as we walk, and are subjected to the highest degree of exposure to foot traffic and street cleaning equipment,  manufactured in a standard size of  610 x 914mm but other sizes and colors are available.

Also available in – Cast in place, Surface applied, Cast in place replaceable and  Fire Rated.


Please contact us at 902-673-2788 or  for sizes and pricing

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300mm x 300mm, 610mm x 914mm


Cast in Place Replaceable, Surface Applied

Emergency Fire Rated

No, Yes


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