Frequently asked Questions

Why is Fibergalss (FRP) better?

No surface coatings to chip or delaminate, no steel to corrode and rust, dimensionally stable in all temperatures and resistant to everything you can throw at it.

Anti-slip grit cannot fall out or wear out despite strong impact or high use.

No layering, no bonding, no weakspots, just one immensely strong composite whole.

Do you make safety products in custom colours?

Yes! Please contact us for custom colour orders: Contact Us

How are the products made?

Safety Step uses pultrusion method: a continuous process to manufacture composite materials with constant cross-section. This machine-dominant process results in greater cost efficiencies, and a higher quality product resulting in less product failures.

Click here to learn about the pultrusion method.

Are the products chemical resistant?

Absolutely. Not only can our products withstand extreme environmental and chemical exposure, they are also:

  • 100% rust and corrosion resistant
  • Guaranteed against delamination and chipping
  • Very high impact and wear resistance
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Kevin D. Wood, President