Wrap Around Pipe Markers - Type 3 Identification

Wrap Around Pipe Markers - Type 3 Identification

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Manufactured using a rigid synthetic base stock with a UV fade and abrasion resistant coated print. Our coil wrap pipe markers offer an excellent way to quickly and easily mark your pipes. Simply uncoil the marker, apply to pipe and it will coil back around without having to clean or prep the pipe surface. These markers offer 360 degree viewing and have directional flow arrows included in the printing to speed installation times.

For pipe sizes up to 6” use our coiled snap on style. For pipe sizes over 6” use the strap on style that includes nylon cable ties.

Snap on pipe markers in sizes 2-1/2” to 6” include an adhesive stripe for added durability applications over 120F.

Pipe Identification Colors Location of Pipe Identification Markers